Vitamins – You get what you pay for.


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Vitamins – You Get What You Pay For

You eat right and take vitamins with the goal of achieving or maintaining optimal health. So when choosing vitamins for yourself and your family it is important to choose products that are pure and free of synthetic ingredients. 

The quality of your vitamins are as important as the quality of your food.

Like food, it’s essential to ensure that the ingredients in your vitamins are extracted and processed under tightly controlled conditions. Like cheap processed foods, low quality vitamins and supplements generally contain artificial sweetening agents, synthetic ingredients, and preservatives. Not only do these supplements have little health benefits, but they are an enormous waste of money. 

Supplement Retailers are Not Created Equal

The vitamin and supplement industry is not created equal. Many big box retailers outsource their manufacturing overseas to countries that do not regulate the quality of these products. While, online sellers like Amazon may sell counterfeit vitamins and supplements to their customers, quality supplement manufacturers follow strict industry regulations that ensure product potency, identify and remove pesticides, and utilize pure ingredients. 

Talk to Your Functional Medicine Provider

Before you start any new vitamins or supplements, you should talk to your Functional Medicine provider to see if the product is safe and appropriate for your specific health related needs. You can also check the reputation of the manufacturer prior to purchasing supplements. Look for supplements with approval from Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 

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